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Spa Kit

Spa kit includes:-
Jute Pouch, Kaashi oil, disposable undergarments, disposable sheet.

Title :

Spa Kit

Orders take 2-3 working days to process

Jute pouch : handcrafted for you to safely store your phone/ jewelry / accessories during treatments.

Kaashi oil: 100% Natural, cold-pressed, coconut oil blended with the goodness of saffron and the calming essence of holy basil.
Good for all skin types.
Usage: To be warmed before application.
qty : 50 ml (per massage)

Disposable undergarments:- single use undergarment, free size (XS-XL)

Disposable sheet: can be placed over your sheet / towel to avoids the seeping of oil.
Size: length 84 inches × width 31.5 Inches.

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