Our deep understanding of Ayurvedic food philosophies and the benefits of adopting a Sattvik diet has enabled us to design programs that focus on a better lifestyle. Kaashi F & B Programmes encompass a holistic view of wellness through food and drink, empowering people everywhere to eat consciously and mindfully.

We help restaurants and cafes around the world set up ancillary wellness menus, providing support through recipes and in-house chef training to enrich the guest experience. We also offer our range of carefully curated Kaashi Wellness products. Some of these include a wellness granola, highlighting healthy indigenous ingredients, a 100% natural energy drink mix and a cleansing Kashmiri Kawa Tea. At Kaashi, our wellness team also offers tailor-made nutrition plans for people around the world, designed to achieve specific health and fitness goals.

The Vedas talk immensely about the benefits of adopting a Sattvik diet - a diet consisting wholly of plant-based food. The Sattvik philosophy is based on food being procured and prepared through conscious, non-violent and organic means. It determines our wellbeing on several levels - physical, emotional and spiritual.

The Kaashi F & B Programmes are guided by this philosophy, which takes into consideration not just taste, but compatibility to body type. This brings the diet much closer to our individual health profiles.

We aim to serve food in its purest form everywhere; fresh, local and full of prana i.e. life force, free from preservatives and flavouring agents. To this end, the use of sugar gives way to raisins and dates. Flour is replaced with high-fibre jowar (sorghum) and ragi (finger millet). 

The Kaashi F & B philosophy is centered around providing healthy, wholesome nutrition that can restore the vitality of the body, eliminate toxins and improve metabolism.