A company’s identity starts from its brand, which consequently cannot be considered as a mere emblem but must be seen as a coordinated and integrated system of philosophy and values that drives our ethos.

Great concepts start as a simple idea and Kaashi Wellness turns that idea into a reality. We take pride in being part of the creative and developmental journey of some of the most renowned spa brands in India. Our clients include day spas, hotels, resort spas, integrated wellness centres and membership clubs.

Our goal is to turn a good idea into a pioneering concept and ultimately a powerful brand. We have sound experience in creating spa identity, vision, mission, concepts and guest experiences that are innovative and effective.

In short, we are equipped with all the components that create a powerful brand in the wellness space.


Our first step is to conduct extensive research and study the existing spa to analyse its strength and weaknesses.

Once a spa’s needs are identified, we create a detailed proposal that includes the design and development of the property; keeping location, philosophy and theme in mind.

We also offer marketing strategy and financial projections.

Once a proposal is approved and finalized, we begin developing the vision/concept that includes services, design elements, signature treatments and any other requirements.

We offer to train and educate staff and management in all areas of spa operations, within the required time frame to ensure the facilities run smoothly.

We offer periodical supervision and time-to-time visits to the property to oversee the new systems and facilities for continued evaluation and success.