At Kaashi, we embrace the true meaning of wellness, providing a holistic range of products and services that help achieve an optimal state of well-being. From healing spa therapies at handpicked destinations, Ayurveda-based Food and Beverage programs, immersive yoga retreats and a range of effective wellness products, Kaashi aims to be a wellness partner for the ages, for individuals and businesses alike.

A combined 20+ years of experience at the helm of affairs at Kaashi, helps us add the know-how expected of any premium wellness destination - be it relaxation, therapeutic treatments, balanced nutrition or restorative exercise.

We believe what sets us apart is our Vedic knowledge base and a robust belief in the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a wellness experience.

We raise the typical spa’s appeal and utility by bringing it wholly into the traditional wellness space. This in turn, underlines our USP; each of our own destinations (or those affiliated by consulting) are enhanced by Kaashi’s design and incorporation of indigenous, yet traditionally-rooted wellness techniques, cuisine plans and treatments native to the property’s premises.

We take consistency seriously and wish for our guests to receive an exceptional standard of experience from all our offerings. Thus, we work with technology to monitor our services, aiming to minimize any human errors in our quest to offer lasting wellness.

Kaashi Wellness strives to be a one-stop spot for wellness for yourself and all those close to you!