Healthy skin program

The entire skin rejuvenation occurs within 28 days for an average adult.

Your skin’s health depends on the level of hydration your skin holds to have a healthy skin.

We need to follow a 5 step program on a daily basis to cleanse and hydrate.

1) cleansing : according to the skin type we should choose your cleanser.

for oily to combination skin.( multani mitti or Fuller’s earth with rose water ) is a natural cleanser

for dry skin ( aloe vera with honey) is a natural cleansing agent.

2) tonning : spray rose water for retaining hydration in the skin.

3) Under eyes protection: the skin under the eyes is the most sensitive , which also shows the first sign of aging.

use a gel based eye cream or Aloe vera gel to retain the hydration around the eyes

4) Moisturizing : oily to combination skin use aloe vera mixed with 2 drops of natural tea tree oil

will keep your skin hydrated & antibacterial properties will keep eruptions at bay.

5) Lip balm : to keep your lips Hydrated ( candilla wax, soya wax, natural ghee)

Besides this one has to exfoliate ( gram flour, almond meal, walnut kernel) the skin once in a week to remove dead cells.

once the skin is exfoliated it improves absorption of the moisturizer.

Masks should be applied once in 2 weeks depending on the skin type.

oily skin ( turmeric and multani mitti pack mixed with rose water)

Dry skin ( Honey and sunflower seeds oil)

Kaashi spa is curating a simple skin care regime which is easy to source and simple to follow.

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