Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma, Bangalore

A company’s identity starts from its brand,which consequently cannot be considered as a mere emblem but must be seen as a coordinated and integrated system of philosophy and values that drives our ethos.

Nilaya Hermitage, Goa

Great concepts start as a simple idea and Kaashi Wellness turns that idea into a reality. We take pride in being part of the creative and developmental journey of some of the most renowned spa brands in India. Our clients include days pas,hotels,resort spas,integrated wellness centres and membership clubs.

Christiaan Georgio - Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

Our goal is to turn a good idea into a pioneering concept and ultimately a powerful brand.We have sound experience in creating spa identity,vision,mission,concepts and guest experiences that are innovative and effective.

With Kaashi Consultancy, we are equipped to create tranquil, functional and beautiful spa set-ups anywhere in the world. From setting up treatment menus, providing training, outlining guest experiences and developing business and promotional plans, we commit to translating visions into a smooth working reality.

In short, we are equipped with all the components that create a powerful brand in the wellness space.


- Our first step is to conduct an extensive research and study on the existing spa to analyze its strength and weakness.

- Post identification of the needs, we create a detailed proposal that includes the design and development of the property; keeping location, philosophy and theme in mind. We also offer marketing strategy and financial projections.

- Once the proposal is approved and finalized, we start developing the vision/concept that includes the services, design elements, signature treatments and any other requirement. - We offer to train and educate the staff and management in all areas of spa operations within the required time frame to ensure the facilities run smoothly. - We offer periodical supervision and time-to-time visits to the property to oversee the new systems and facilities for continued success.


- Crafting new and improving existing spa and wellness programs based on regional influences, local customs and cultural elements.

- Setting up a comprehensive Ayurvedic segment in amalgamation to other therapies. 

- Designing an adept spa menu comprising of Western or Ayurvedic therapies. 

- Sourcing and stocking up on all spa products and equipment’s required.

- Providing extensive training to the staff to teach them the know-hows of spa treatments.

- Creating exclusive spa treatments to complement the philosophy of the property.

- Designing spa treatments using ingredients and techniques indigenous to the culture and location of the property. 

- Providing the best possible talent and training staff to match requirements of the property. 

- Working closely with the architects and interior designers to create a space that is visually pleasing and functional. We pay special attention to details and aesthetics

Food & Beverage

Kaashi Wellness cuisine incorporates key principles from Ayurveda, which takes into consideration not just taste, but suitability to body type. We offer Sattvic food which is whole plant based and free of preservatives and meat. 

- Our specialized and experienced consultants give thorough training to chefs and kitchen staff on whole-plant based cuisine through live demonstrations.

- We create special diet menus for guests in additional to the main menu.

- We can also set up a charming health cafe in the spa and wellness section that serves healthy refreshments and provides added benefits pre/ post treatment. 

We help restaurants and cafes around the world set up ancillary wellness menus, providing support through recipes and in-house chef training to enrich the guest experience. We also offer our range of carefully curated Kaashi Wellness products. Some of these include a wellness granola, highlighting healthy indigenous ingredients, a 100% natural energy drink mix and a cleansing Kashmiri Kawa Tea.  At Kaashi, our wellness team also offers tailor-made nutrition plans for people around the world, designed to achieve specific health and fitness goals

Wellness learnings and programs 

- Our team has an in-depth knowledge on health and wellness and we can arrange residential programs for guests seeking knowledge on well-being at a deeper level. 

- We offer to educate staff on health, well-being and fitness so they can guide the guests through their wellness goals.

- We design goal-oriented packages and lectures personalized, consulted and crafted on Ayurveda, stress management, sattvic diet, yoga and meditation.  

Spa Product

- We have our own unique blend of luxury oils, scrubs and wraps that are effective and organic. Our in-house products have been carefully crafted with a comprehensive understanding of the therapeutic goodness of Indian herbs and rich essential oils.

- We offer sourcing of products from other brands as well.

- We create bespoke skincare and spa products for our clients that are of high quality and organic.


- Setting up or improving current yoga programs and practices. Also offering therapeutic yoga. 

 - Providing guided meditation sessions with the help of voice recordings to maintain authenticity and reduce error.- Introducing spiritual teachings from India’s ultimate holistic scriptures such as Vedas.

- Introducing effective stress management packages that include techniques such as Yoga Nidra.