At Kaashi, we embrace the true meaning of wellness, providing a holistic range of products and services that help achieve an optimal state of well-being. From healing spa therapies at handpicked destinations, Ayurveda-based F & B programs, immersive yoga retreats and a range of effective wellness products, Kaashi aims to be a wellness partner, for individuals and businesses alike.



Our deep understanding of Ayurvedic food philosophies and the benefits of adopting a Sattvik diet has enabled us to design programs that focus on a better lifestyle. Kaashi F & B Programmes encompass a holistic view of wellness through food and drink, empowering people everywhere to eat consciously and mindfully.


Kaashi Wellness offers effective and non-invasive ways to unlock your natural, youthful beauty. Our therapies are crafted using natural and time trusted ingredients.


Yoga and meditation are practices that encompass all aspects of life in order to balance the mind, body and spirit. Coherence in these aspects is the first step towards lasting wellness.


“A pure gift is that which is given with purity and kindness in the heart, given to the right person at the right time, given in the proper place, and above all when we expect nothing in return for the gift.”

Customer Experience

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Writer (The Golden Circle)

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Author & Fitness Trainer

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Waterfield Road Bandra

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Author & Writer Imagenic