Ocean, soil and body friendly

Our formulas are 100% natural, completely biodegradable and do not contain harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. This means they don’t pollute the water, the earth, the air — or people’s bodies.

Sustainable sourcing

We source from multi-generation, small farms that produce high quality ingredients while maintaining the fertility of the earth. We compensate our farmer partners above industry standards and ensure their ability to maintain their regenerative practices.

Cruelty free

We love our planet and all beings on it, including animals so we commit to staying 100% natural and never testing on animals.

Conscious Packaging

Our packing philosophy is “less is more” and our products are minimally packaged in 100% recyclable material - whether the packaging be glass, paper or aluminum. The carton paper we use is FSC-certified and features vegetable-based inks that do not harm our soil while biodegrading.


Our values are based on the Vedic principles of contributing to individual health and in turn health of the planet. Our commitment is to provide 100% natural products of the highest quality from the Himalayas. We are sourcing all-natural ingredients and it is painful to see, plastic destroying our planet. We are a conscious brand, and we go to great lengths to ensure Eco-friendly packaging. We work with marginalised communities from the village of Sattoli in Himachal Pradesh. We work towards reviving traditional sustainable methods of production. 2% of our profits go to Chinmaya Mission Society for health and education programs.


We have covered the length and breadth of the Himalayas to bring you the best natural ingredients the mystical land has to offer.