10 Nutrition Trends

10 useful nutritional trends:
1) follow intermittent fasting.
2) Detox shots : according to individuals constitution, beginning the day with the detox shot is extremely rewarding as it helps clean the gut which is the important for good health.
 - During summers
take a shot of lemon juice with root Ginger juice added to a glass of hot water or fresh grapefruit juice with its fibre good for gut cleanse
 - During winters
cinnamon, clove, ginger root, Black pepper , Jaggery (optional), hot tea is good for gut cleanse
2) keeping a healthy snack bar in your handbag (dry fruits & nuts bars)
3) having over night soaked nuts every morning to fulfill supplements naturally 
4) completely replacing white sugar to jaggery powder or dry dates sugar powder.
5) incorporate seeds ( sunflower, melon, sesame, hemp) in your diet which are excellent for skin, hair, nails.
6) replace cold water with hot water for drinking. This helps improve metabolism.
7) Say no to processed food totally.
8) sprouts to be consumed atleast once a week.( rich in fibre & protien)
9) Detox once a month (take triphala tablet with hot water and stay indoors that day.