Achieving spa-like relaxation at home

Achieving spa-like relaxation at home

 The summer is a dehydrating and difficult time for the body and nurturing yourself during this sensitive period goes a long way. 

Although summer relaxation seekers cannot visit spas anytime soon, they can still achieve spa-level relaxation, in the comfort of their homes. Below are four steps to show you how:

Start your DIY treatment with a foot soak - that has epsom salts, lavender or chamomile and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. The feet are ‘super sites’ in the body - with some of the highest nerve endings - and a 15 minute soak helps release all the fatigue accumulated in the body and mind

 The next step is a full-body polish, to ensure that treatment oils and products are easily absorbed into the skin and not blocked by any dead cells. Create a sustainable exfoliant paste made with used coffee grounds and rose water or sugar and lime juice. You will be astonished by the impact of this simple step. What’s more - coffee is said to be a natural tan remover that does not dry out the skin! 

 Light a calming candle or turn on an aromatherapy diffuser. Play soft relaxing music and sip a cooling ginger-lime beverage to engage all other senses. Getting the ambience right is a key part of creating an incredibly relaxing home-spa experience. 

 Once you have washed off the exfoliant, apply a hydrating oil or body elixr. You can use neem oil or make an aloe vera and rose oil elixr for a super hydrated and glowing after-effect.